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Los Angeles Blade article by Scott Stiffler

SHAWN DAVIS MOONEY (facebook.com/shawndavis.mooney) | Mooney has been a soldier in the U.S. Army, business owner, and entertainer for the last 20 years. He developed his desire to “look out for all seniors and the disadvantaged” while working as General Manager of two retirement communities. Mooney would work to “care for our seniors, especially our LGBT seniors, who may not have anyone to care for them. Together we can ensure that not only do the seniors of West Hollywood have affordable housing, food, and healthcare, but every resident calling West Hollywood home has access to these basic human dignities.” Having moved to West Hollywood in 1993, he “knew it would be a lifelong love affair,” and says his current presence in the neighborhood makes him “think about how can we preserve these qualities for future generations while embracing growth and change.” As a councilmember, he assures, “I will be a steward of West Hollywood and preserve its eclectic history.” Fun Fact: The name of Shawn Mooney’s husband is Shawn Mooney. No confusion with the cat’s name: It’s Jade.

Emmy winner/Author/Producer Jon Dosa endorsement!

After decades of knowing Shawn Davis Mooney, I enthusiastically endorse and support his candidacy to represent you on the West Hollywood City Council.  A little background; I first met Shawn when he was working at the Pacific Design Center and I was at KABC-Talkradio producing programs for, among others, Michael Jackson, David Viscott, Dennis Prager and Tom Hall.  I had won an Emmy for my documentary “A Day at the Movies” and had broad experience interviewing all sorts of personalities. I quickly realized that Shawn is a very special person: intelligent, enthusiastic, energetic, empathic and able to think outside-the-box!  His concern and compassion for the plight of others and his desire to help them achieve their dreams will be a big plus for you and your neighbors in this time of self-interest and greed. For these reasons and many others, I highly recommend that you vote for Shawn Davis Mooney as a fresh face with fresh ideas to refresh your community. You won’t be sorry! Thank you. - Jon Dosa

Shawn and Shawn 

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